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Whether you are looking for a diverse functionality to enhance your crypto engagement or wish for support on crypto transactions this MaxSwap Telegram Bot is at your service.

The recent volatility of BTC driving the DeFi market to extend the capabilities of trading platforms to meet the traders’ needs for speed and convenience. Among other crypto innovations, those that recently stand out are automated programs built to run on the Telegram App providing various services related to cryptocurrencies. Sweeping through the crypto communities the news of flexibility and usability afforded to crypto holders made Telegram bots a popular tool for managing crypto portfolios. 

Telegram extension services offered by Crypto Exchanges not only eliminate the need for constant market monitoring but also provide access to advanced features for their users. 

Needless to say, the MaxSwap Telegram bot is a safe solution for making simple cryptocurrency transactions faster and easier. In addition, it offers the user all the distinct features of the MaxSwap OTC Platform https://maxswap.cc/ accessible from mobile devices.

A glimpse into an efficient functionality

This MaxSwap Telegram bot is a user-friendly alternative to traditional platforms and an invaluable tool for professionals and crypto enthusiasts on the go. With it, users can store, exchange, and even multiply their funds by selecting the fast commands. Let’s take a look at its handheld functionality under the hood.


Here you can find data on the wallet balance, transactional history, and effortlessly monitor your funds. Simple transactions such as deposits/withdrawals are available on a range of popular cryptocurrencies from BTC and ETH to XRP and TRX, including stablecoins USDT and USDC. 

In addition, the user is supplied with the generation of the Autoconversion Addresses. This function is an indispensable assistant for receiving funds automatically converted into currency of your choice.


Managing deposit contracts has never been easier, with MaxSwap Telegram bot a comprehensive staking tool all neat and structured. From the command list, the user can select to create new contracts or monitor active and executed contracts filtered out by number and currency, duration, and payment type.


Supplied with the auto-updated exchange rates based on real-time market data, this section offers automated buying and selling options on a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, traders will get to try the newly announced MaxSwap feature,  fiat on-ramp, early next year, providing traders with the option of buying crypto with their fiat banking cards.

It is worth mentioning, that security is highly prioritized here, thus every transaction undergoes the AML procedure automatically. However, the possibility of manual verification will be available in the future.


The limit order tool gives an advantage to exchange cryptocurrency at a set price. Specify the exchange rate of your choice to control the execution at an optimal price. Under this section, the user can create both buying and selling orders at a fixed exchange rate as well as review the history of previously executed transactions.

Where to start with the MaxSwap Telegram Bot

Start the MaxSwap bot registration process directly available by the following link https://t.me/MaxSwap_bot.

To bring even more convenience, MaxSwap team guarantees 24/7 online support via Telegram bot and a variety of interface languages: ENG, UA, and RU.